Loka wants to be the antidote to dystopia fatigue

Founder Bobby Mukherjee on the pursuit of actionable, hopeful near futures

If I had to summarize Loka’s vision in a single tagline, it would be: the pursuit of actionable, optimistic innovation.

Loka works behind the scenes on these important missions. We help build the apps, deploy the tech, ideate the platforms.

Bobby Mukherjee is the founder of Loka, Inc., a 16-year-strong tech consultancy that helps ship software innovations for fascinating companies. After two decades as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Bobby has been fortunate enough to launch products for global startups funded by Sequoia & Greylock, plus Fortune 500 Enterprise companies like Coca-Cola, Novartis, Marriott and Gatorade.



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Loka is a team of elite data engineers & designers who help ship fascinating innovations. Our stories give you a peek into what’s now & next for ML & humanity.