RAPIDS: Our journey toward more efficient computing

Art by Yunlu Shi, UX Designer at Loka

The exciting news: We are seeing that we can accelerate time to market at lower costs with GPUs.

Our RAPIDS Origin Story

The more we dug in, the more we were impressed with improvements in the computing times we could achieve using RAPIDS compared to CPU solutions. Not even CPU-based Apache Spark came close.

This exploration isn’t just for us – it’s a catalyst for a larger RAPIDS community

On this quest toward more efficient computing, you’ll find benchmarks using RAPIDS, insights on applying it, implementations on GPU, and every other cool thing we are working on in this space.

Juan Medina is Lead of the Phoenix Team at Loka. He’s currently heading a group of data scientists and machine learning engineers on stealth internal projects. Juan and his team are obsessed with creating customer-driven solutions through data analysis and ML, which led them to RAPIDS. Clients best know Juan for his deep understanding of their business process and providing data-driven insights to their stakeholders. Teammates find him with a new book every few weeks, usually in thriller or psychology genres.



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