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Founder Bobby Mukherjee on the pursuit of actionable, hopeful near futures

Setting the stage

Have you ever found yourself desperately needing more GPU power to run your deep learning models, but your local configuration simply can’t carry out? …

Art by Yunlu Shi, UX Designer at Loka

A short and sweet trends forecast from a data lead who lives this stuff

Hi, I’m Fer. And for the better part of the last decade, I’ve specialized in data analysis and data engineering for Fortune 500s and Series-A Startups. Here’s what I see coming our way in 2021.

When I think about how I’d define…

There’s good reason for the Googles and Amazons of the world to share the wealth

Open-source tools designed to spotlight the carbon footprints of cloud storage


Loka is a team of elite data engineers & designers who help ship fascinating innovations. Our stories give you a peek into what’s now & next for ML & humanity.

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